Rockland County Times 8 November 1902 – MORYA ENGINE SALES AND SERVICE COMPANY

Rockland County Times 8 November 1902

May - 27

Rockland County Times 8 November 1902


Reasonable and sufficient to prevent injury to passing vessels. Squall which burst her foretopsail and did other damage. Time to avoid it, a vessel has no right to be imder way at all. The duties imposed upon a fleet of warships in regard to Article 29. Improperly breaking her sheer will be held in fault (/). Be negligence not to have had the anchor ready .

  • Collision by defective steering gear is by, 162.
  • Interference by master with pilot, 234, 235.
  • Liability of, in rem, for not standing by, 60.
  • A steam vessel when toning another vessel shall, in addition Article 3.
  • Navigation of a winding river, 326, 4-15, 446, 49(1.

Who takes upon himself to direct the driver. Lights of The Fhjinfj Serpent three miles off on her port bow. Hold by 1480/483 Dr. Lushington that the tow was liable in Admiralty. ” that the tug is the servant or in the service of the tow ” .

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Of the master of one of them, both were held liable (?’). Indemnify the tug-owner against the result of his negligence. Compulsory pilotage will, of course, be no defence . When a pilot is on board and in charge by compulsion of law. Clear of other ships without waiting for orders from the tow (/). Ship is liable in respect of two, and not only one collision.

Broken by negligence causing damage to tow, 187. Of steamshipS; engine-room not deducted, 152. Surety, recovery by, against part owner, 95. Burden of proof, upon steamship failing to, 431. Squall, damage by tug not anchoring in, 184. Chartered, liability for damage by, 66, 68, 82.


” An indispensable adjunct to every workinj? lawyer’s library.” ” Can be cordially recommended to the lawyer.” — Law Timet. BANKING.— Hart’s Law of Banking.— Third Edition. Ance with a law which may give it no discretion at all. (which provides that a ship shall he deemed in fault 57 Tss vi.t. Suffered by any person on board a vessel owing to iiij’Tios.

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In a collision by which the insured ship is injured or lost c). His ship sunk in collision is considered elsewhere (/•). There is no maritime lien for damage in such a case(. Or other or both the \\Tong- doing ships is fully recognized 7;).


Charter-party, loss of, recoverable as damages, 112. Cargo-owners’ remedy where both ships in fault, 131, 268.

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Must be carried in positions required by law, 336, 341. ■whether obligation to carry, by the maritime law, 334, 362.

  • Are stated to be ” in the law relating to merchant shipping.”
  • Independent, liability of ship for fault of, 81 seq.
  • The additional bright white light prescribed by the said Art. 3.
  • Applies where fault is presumed by law, 60, 132.
  • Reasonable and sufficient to prevent injury to passing vessels.

Action by, usually postponed to claim by ship, 294. Damage to, by carrying ship, no lien, 76, 271.

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To his claim for damages against the wrong-doer . To the ship if she had been sunk and afterwards recovered .

  • Negligent collision with tug, l)reach of towage contract, 283.
  • Bogota Conference, Mr. Sproul requested to accompany Mr.
  • Given for the payment of damages as mentioned in the Act.
  • Owners liable where ship deemed to be in fault, 60.
  • Of pilotage authority for pilot’s negligence, 93, 215.
  • Division of loss, rule applies to, 122, 208.
  • No other loss, injury, or damage had arisen.

Compulsory pilot is not servant of sliipowner, 99. American rivers, rules of navigation ‘u\, \ 15, 448, ■J82.

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” tug is servant of the tow,” meaning of the phrase, 170. As regards compliance with the regulations, 167, 405, 406. Liability of, for collision between two others, 20. Negligence of independent contractor in not lighting, 89. Wrong-doer not discharged by sinking of his ship, 04. Rule as to presumption of fault is lex fori, 59. Ship’s power of stopping is relevant in considering, 374.

Connected with liability of ship to arrest, 149. Screens, infringement of regulations as to, 341, 342. Infringement of regulations as to, 42 seq., 51, 54, 341.

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Duty of, with regard to cargo injured by collision, 106. Effect of, upon question of negligence, 501, 502. Practice inconsistent with the sea regulations not good, 331.

Transfer of action after judgment limiting liability, 300. Owners entitled to, in contract as well as tort, 160.

Liability of, when carrjdng in ship of other owner, 164. Bill of lading, what exceptions cover collision, 266. Early law as to liability of cargo owner, 74, n. Opinion of, as to master’s and pilot’s respjnsibilitv, 210.

Liability of owner navigating own ship is unlimited, 158, 164. Foreign ships’ tonnage, how calculated, 153, 154. Other than regulation lights not allowed, 335, 336. Remains after death or bankruptcy of shipowner, 74, 79, 81. Of owner for injury to pilot by fault of crew, 99. In case of collision by fault of a third ship, 27. Of foreign ship for negligence of crew, 202, 203.

Damage by tug not anchoring in heavy squall, 184. Compulsory pilot in charge of tow, 177, 188, 227. Command, where two or more ships in tow, 196. Tug and tow for some purposps deemed to be one ship, 167.

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