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Think Sobriety Sucks? Addiction Is Worse

Nov - 16

Think Sobriety Sucks? Addiction Is Worse

She is a phenomenal talent and voice in the recovery world. So many people have attributed their sobriety to her work after failing to succeed with more traditional approaches. New Life House has helped young men stay sober for over 35 years. We came from very humble beginnings, and would love to tell you our story of success and recovery. And absolutely, sobriety is a lot of work. But the result of that work is miraculous. I have amazing relationships, I have a life with meaning, I have an active spiritual life.

sobriety sucks

Minor adjustments like eating a healthy breakfast, going for a walk, or being creative make a difference. Take your time, allow for setbacks, and be kind to yourself. You can continually readjust your path to the goal. There may be days when the most significant thing you do is get out of bed; good for you!

Think Sobriety Sucks? Addiction Is Worse

It happens a lot in sobriety because the brain is still trying to adjust to the lack of dopamine it used to get from alcohol. It’s not uncommon to feel like you’re running on a treadmill, getting nowhere, but feeling emotionally and physically exhausted. Prove to yourself that you can finish what you start and be reliable.

Simple I just hate not being myself and when I’m like that I don’t feel like myself and it’s the worst thing ever , just how much I hate this? For me it’s not a matter of how good I would feel, it’s how I come across to other people. Alcohol does not make for good conversation and drunk people are not fun to be around. Today, for the first time in a few weeks, I have gotten a good night’s sleep the night before. In addition, it’s the first time in a few weeks I have been three days sober.

  • Before you can begin your recovery journey, you can take a mental inventory of your life.
  • Eventually, people don’t want to hear our apologies anymore.
  • As someone who genuinely enjoys the flavor of beer, there’s something quite soothing about holding the bottle and tasting something so similar.
  • Alcohol or drugs numbed your thoughts and emotions.

Society wants me to be successful, but not too successful. Sexy, but not too sexy.Confident, but coy. I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point. Living in a society where I’m constantly being told that I need to enhance my physical appearance is incredibly damaging to me, someone who already thinks she’s not enough. Finding yourself in recovery is essential to healing yourself.

Ask yourself why you want to enter treatment. Then call a center that offers medically supervised detoxification . Take advantage of the therapy you receive, the coping skills you learn, and the aftercare plan you create. No one has to go through sobriety alone. If you feel like sobriety sucks, you need more support. You can find the balance in recovery you need. Just because it “seems” like things will never change, that is not actually the case.


Hola to @thesoberglow, a realistic account that documents a strong woman’s sober journey, paired with helpful, grounded quotes like “Dear diary, fuck this shit”. Adios to people who posts anything criticizing The Resistance.

  • You will have days when you don’t necessarily make the strongest choices to improve your well-being or strengthen your recovery.
  • You have already accomplished so much by choosing to stop using drugs and committing to sobriety.
  • There are millions of other people in recovery, all at different stages, and many are having a bad day just like you are.
  • Hola to accounts like @bodyposipanda, a consistent stream of body positivity/self-love posts.
  • I think you’ve deluded yourself into thinking you are more yourself when drunk than you are when sober.

Building resilience and training the voice inside your head to be less negative is a lifelong process. It takes time to get good at it. Hell, it takes time to get just sort of okay at it. Whatever recovery path you take , the main thing is to acknowledge that you don’t have all the answers and could use some help. That step alone will lighten the emotional load significantly.

Sobriety Sucks

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They want to see behavioral change, and if we don’t provide that, they start to disappear. So yea, sometimes sobriety sucks.

Because the thing is, we don’t actually know. Now, not every program or therapy approach is going to work for you. But you don’t know until you try and you have to genuinely try. Those were the days I’d make it to the gym and think that things would turn out okay after all. Every day, sobriety sucks I felt sad, unmotivated, lost, and unworthy. My past relapses were fueled in large part by sobriety’s inability to solve my problems for me. Instead of reaching out for help, giving AA a shot, or opening up to friends and family, I tried to Google my way to emotional stability.

When I hang out with my “normie” friends, and they have a couple of beers, loosen up a bit and then head home without doing anything crazy, out of control or self-destructive. I look at them and there’s a part of me that envies their ability to put down a drink, to enjoy alcohol responsibly without having it take over their lives. It makes me feel like I am just an out-of-control person. Side note- I don’t do non-alcoholic beer (I’m gluten-free) but I had have a kombucha from time to time. I know people have opinions on it, but I’ve always liked kombucha. And I’d have to drink 10 of them to get a buzz. AND sometimes seltzer just gets boring.

I unfollowed accounts that make me feel inadequate. Adios to women who post before and after pics where their “before” picture looks better than me at my fittest. Hola to accounts like @bodyposipanda, a consistent stream of body positivity/self-love posts. Adios to corny motivation quotes like “If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough”.

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Their recovery is none of your business and vice versa. The point is to find activities to fill the time and help you become a better person. You’ll start to transform your identity into someone who shows up, does the hard work, and looks smoking hot in a swimsuit. A lot of people in recovery become fitness buffs and it makes sense. We gotta find new avenues to channel our energy and work out our stuff. Sobriety will get better when you are actually open to LEARNING from other people how to be a happy, stable individual.

  • I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point.
  • It takes time to get good at it.
  • Before you know it, you’re drinking to avoid the fact that you have a drinking problem.
  • Maybe you should look at things a different way.
  • You always have a level of control, no matter how pissed you are.

The nature of life is change, no matter what. How you feel today — no matter how boring, stifling, angering, or depressing it may be — will be different tomorrow. Your feelings will look different in a day, a week, a month, and a year, so look to the future with optimism. As you get going, keep a simple chart or use an app that tracks your progress. One of the things that I truly loved about substances was that they gave me an escape; an escape from my problems, an escape from my incessant worrying, an escape from reality. When I got sober, I didn’t miss the actual substances or the craziness that existed in my life as a direct result of abusing them, but I did miss the escape.

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I used to live right around the corner from a beer specialty shop. They had the most amazing selection…it was heaven. There are flavors of beer unlike anything you can experience from anything else. And that was a really expensive time of life. I sit with my guitar and it all sounds boring and grey. When I was drinking I had ideas – got excited about things. If after 90 days life is boring and grey, I’m going back.

sobriety sucks

Any investment made takes time; explore the possibilities. Nothing can change if you don’t change.

Sobriety Sucks Lyrics

For those who aren’t into AA, I recommend Annie Grace’s support programs. That led to a pretty terrible habit of feeling sorry for myself every chance I got . It will instantly solve the problem of crippling hangovers, alcohol induced anxiety spikes, and regrettable calls or texts made while five drinks into your evening. Many of these problems enter our lives because of our drinking. It is natural to think that by quitting drinking, these problems will finally go away. Meredith forced Jack to watch the Sex and the City Reboot “And Just Like That”.

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I’m Alicia, the woman behind Soberish. I’ve spent the last six years researching and understanding alcoholism, addiction, and how people get sober. I took my last drink on December 19, 2016. When I’m not writing about sobriety and mental health, I’m fully living in my role as wife, mama, and SEO badass. I had to remind myself last month after 19 months of being sober that I needed to get back to the roots of it all. I used to celebrate each month of sobriety in my own special way but I recently lost that habit.

It’s time to acknowledge the dedication we put in to not consuming a liquid distraction, and celebrate the small steps that ultimately lead climbing the top of the mountain. Best of luck to you in your journey and thank you for writing this piece. I can sense some new waves approaching and you’re ready to surf them. The 24 hour news cycle only exacerbates my stress. I decided to minimize even more BS from coming into my brain by cleaning up my Instagram feed.

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Most of these kids who tell you to get help have never touched the stuff in their lifes. They know nothing about drinking and being drunk. You always have a level of control, no matter how pissed you are.

The guy was told he should seek help because he now and again fancies a drink at, i’m guessing, boring social events. It’s normal to want a drink now and again. Most of my life consists of working and then heading down the pub on fridays or saturdays. What else are we supposed to do at the fucking weekends? Withnail and I We’re BACK BABY with a brand spankin’ hot off the presses new episode SUCKO!!! After some major lazy addict resistance, Jack and Meredith watch the delightful Criterion movie Withnail and I. Listen in as they talk about “We are not …

But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. While getting and staying sober was the best decision I’ve ever made, in a lot of ways it’s also been the most challenging. As someone who writes a self-help blog, I struggle with the self-help world. I used to binge on self-help books with a similar tenacity that I binged on Jack Daniels. I was reading book after book , trying to change every aspect of myself. I started to project my newfound “enlightenment” onto others, trying to change them.

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