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What is quality of life? Definition and examples

Sep - 21

What is quality of life? Definition and examples

There’s no set agreement on the importance of objective and subjective factors when it comes to quality of life. Some views give greater relevance to factors such as income level or the availability of public services. Other approaches place greater emphasis on perceived satisfaction or appreciation of life.

quality of life definition

For example, there is evidence that outsiders, such as doctors and relatives, view the quality of life of patients with serious disabilities more negatively than do the patients themselves. Also, in some instances, clinical assessments remain stable over time and yet patients report a worsening of their health. Such divergences between the perceptions of those in a given health state and the perceptions of outside observers highlight the limitations of basing assessments purely on observers’ assessments. The main purpose of the health care system is to increase the well-being of those it treats. This can be achieved only if patient views are incorporated into treatment evaluations, thereby ensuring that health and medical care are fully evidence-based.

What is Quality of Life? (A Definition)

Quality-adjusted life years , in which quality of life is combined with years of life gained as a result of an intervention. Costs of treatment can be linked with the number of QALYs gained to give a cost per QALY. Such policies refuse to tolerate even minor crimes; proponents argue that this will improve the quality of life of local residents. However, critics of zero tolerance policies believe that such policies neglect investigation on a case-by-case basis and may lead to unreasonably harsh penalties for crimes. In 2010, Gallup researchers trying to find the world’s happiest countries found Denmark to be at the top of the list.

quality of life definition

The happiest countries in the world also have the highest standards of living. However, especially with terminal illnesses, at which point should treatment stop? We should not confuse the term with ‘standard of living,’ which focuses mainly on economic factors. Quality of life refers to how well we live, i.e., the general well-being of people and societies. It is the standard of happiness, comfort, and health that a person or group of people experience. While the original scale comprised only four dimensions, Cohen and colleagues’ expanded version includes eight to better assess the domains that people nearing the end of their life report as important to their QOL.

We also measure quality of life according to people’s rights, such as the right to education, human dignity, fair pay, and to have a family. Cortisol response to psychosocial stress, mental distress, fatigue and quality of life in coronary artery disease patients. I am a physiotherapy master student… Can u use the whoqol-bref scale for osteoarthritis of knee patients.. Out if these 2 which can be used or is it ok to chose any of these scale tp assess quality of life in oa knee patients.. While, at face value, the term “quality of life” may seem a little general, you as a researcher or practitioner have the option to drill down to whatever level of domain specificity you want, depending on the assessment tool you decide to employ.

How to Improve Quality of Life

Attitude toward life is recognized to significantly influence quality of life. Opportunities to work and level of resources are two of the main domains influencing QOL after SCI, the latter in part serving as a foundation for a positive attitude. Different jobs may require workers to perform under extreme exertion such as heavy lifting or repetitive labor that can tax the body over time, possibly leading to long-term physical impairments. The theory and research behind quality of life are wide-reaching and nebulous, but that doesn’t mean reflecting on yours is a futile endeavor. By breaking it down into domains and assessing yourself formally or informally in each domain, you can determine how best to spend your time to improve your quality of life and overall well-being. While it is certainly entertaining to read these sorts of lists, it is also important to remember that, within any country, quality of life will vary greatly.

  • Downshifting is the act of reducing one’s standard of living for an improved quality of life.
  • In this example, the size of income would be weighted highly as a factor influencing the quality of life conditions.
  • Nicole is a behavioral scientist and writer based in Perth, Western Australia.
  • At a policy level, QOL assessment identifies effective components of the healthcare system.
  • While such choices can increase money to fund their private lives, it limits the hours available to spend on vacation or other personal endeavors, basically, the things they were saving the money for.
  • These measures cover a wide range of aspects of life that can be adversely affected by ill health, such as physical functioning, emotional well-being, and ability to undertake work and social activities.

The concept regards several aspects of personal welfare and wellbeing, and a person’s attitudes toward various life circumstances and domains. The notion of QOL is particularly relevant in the field of positive psychology. However, to a fairly non-materialistic person who has sufficient income to meet their basic needs, income size may only be a small contributor to life satisfaction .

Quality of Life vs. Standard of Living

Livability has a long history and tradition in urban design, and neighborhoods design standards such as LEED-ND are often used in an attempt to influence livability. A 2010 study by two Princeton University professors looked at 1,000 randomly selected U.S. residents over an extended period. It concludes that their life evaluations – that is, their considered evaluations of their life against a stated scale of one to ten – rise steadily with income. Below this income level, respondents reported decreasing happiness and increasing sadness and stress, implying the pain of life’s misfortunes, including disease, divorce, and being alone, is exacerbated by poverty. Similarly, you can’t understand the concept of quality of life without taking into account those that surround you.

quality of life definition

They need to be given a voice, be empowered, and have their needs and the needs of those around them met. However, when it comes to the individual, it’s the eight dimensions we mentioned earlier we need to focus on. One of the most useful models for improving the quality of life of an individual is person-centered planning.

It measures non-financial aspects of a job that might lead to worker happiness or unhappiness. The Happy Planet Index, introduced in 2006, is unique among quality of life measures in that, in addition to standard determinants of well-being, it uses each country’s ecological footprint as an indicator. As a result, European and North American nations do not dominate this measure. Focus on aspects of your life that you have the power to change – there are plenty. Remember to track your progress, either by taking a quality of life assessment now and after a period of time, or by reflecting regularly in a journal. It’s essential to know and understand how the person feels, what their strengths, hopes, and aspirations are, in order to improve their quality of life.


In this situation, income would have a small weighting regarding this second, satisfaction-related component of QOL (Felce & Perry, 1995). Because of the lack of consistency in definition, research suggests clinicians be aware of this and therefore choose a measure that is assesses what you want to measure. Clinicians should also use measures that have demonstrated good reliability and validity. In literature and practice it is common to hear the terms “health,” “perceived health,” “health status,” “HRQOL,” and “QOL” used interchangeably, adding to the confusion around the concept of QOL. Hearing impairment is one of the most common clinical conditions that affect elderly individuals in the United States. Additional investments in human capital are needed in many countries to provide needed audiological, speech, and language therapy and educational resources for children in particular.

Quality of life – happiness

Hecht and Shiel measure quality of life as “the patient’s ability to enjoy normal life activities” since life quality is strongly related to wellbeing without suffering from sickness and treatment. There are multiple assessments available that measure Health-Related Quality of Life, e.g., AQoL-8D, EQ5D – Euroqol, 15D, SF-36, SF-6D, HUI. By this definition, a country’s standard of living can be measured more easily than its quality of life. The two concepts are related, of course, as standard of living provides some of the basic factors needed to afford one the choices in life that define quality of life. We can break down quality of life into eight different dimensions that you should develop in order to achieve it. These are emotional well-being, material well-being, personal relationships, personal development, physical well-being, self-determination, social inclusion, and rights.

Freedom of movement, of thought, and of religion, for example, are some of these factors. When calculating a person’s or society’s standard of living, we use things that we can quantify easily. When we calculate a society’s standard of living, we take into account factors such as employment, poverty rates, affordable housing, and GDP. We also take into https://1investing.in/ account inflation, the cost of goods and services, infrastructure, and economic and political stability. In many cases, scholars will lean toward choosing scales that are highly cited in reputable journals when designing research. While this approach may serve as a good rule of thumb, selecting a measure of QOL requires an extra level of due diligence.

Team help finding accessible housing that considers Jared’s level of care needs will be another important step in this clinical case. Team help to optimize financial assistance must be completed early in the rehabilitation phase so that this low-income family can find resources that will play a pivotal role in maximizing Jared’s independence. Cheaper housing areas also tend to be located farther from art, culture, and entertainment.

Has become an important outcome for evaluating patients’ subjective perspective. In contrast to quality of life, which is a fairly broad term, HrQoL relates to those domains of life that are considered to be affected by a particular illness. Only a few articles that evaluate HrQoL in patients suffering from hypersomnias are available, and there are currently no clinical trials available that use HrQoL as a primary outcome in quality of life definition such patients. The available evidence clearly shows that hypersomnias such as narcolepsy considerably reduce HrQoL and affect various domains of HrQoL to varying extents. The effect of drugs on HrQoL has not yet been evaluated in patients with hypersomnias. Reports on the efficacy of CAMT for refractory CRS demonstrate that this treatment modality results in either a mild increase in QoL or a stabilization of decreased QoL.

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